The sneecthes

The Sneetches are these big yellow birds some of the Seetches would have stars and some wouldn’t. Sneetches that had stars would feel better than the ones who Didn’t because the one who didn’t have stars couldn’t join in anything so it was like a stereo type so one day a truck that was biased came by and said I saw what those Sneetches did to you then they would have stars with on their stomach cause of the machine. Then the original Sneecthes that were originally with stars had been discriminated because the ones without stars now have stars. then they went over any over in machine that take off stars and the one that don’t so it went around and around and in the end they all became friends.


The group that was led themselves called themselves superior had stomaachs with stars on them

the other groups felt sad and left out so they got themselves stars on there stomach

They were discriminated because they were copied


In the end they would probably spit themselves with stars and no stars or just all argue

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